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Article: Request for password reset with renewal

Request for password reset with renewal

From the beginningD-VECThank you for your patronage.

On this occasionD-VECWe have renewed sites including online stores so that customers can use it more comfortably.

Customers who are registered as a member at the old store will continue to log in after renewal.ID(E -mail address) can be used, but it is necessary to set only the login password as part of the security enhancement associated with the renewal.

Please be assured that you will be able to use it with the registration information on the old site inherited after resetting the password.

In addition, for customers who have reset the password, for a limited time that can be used for shopping on the next mail order site.2000We are presenting a yen off coupon.

* Please note that the purchase history is not inherited.

* Depending on your personal computer and smartphone environment, the connection may be unstable at the switching timing. In that case, please leave it for a while and please access again.

* The coupon will be announced separately by e -mail after the password resetting.

We look forward to your continued patronage.