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Feel Alive.

Feel the best moment.

D-VEC has been cultivated in extreme fields
Daiwa's technical capabilities in the city
Evolve into activities
"Feel the sound of rain" and "enjoy the wind"
An original style with a sensitivity to feel the moment
To feel the best moment in all scenes


Fishing net up cycle project

We, using the sea around the world as a field, consider the deterioration of the marine environment as a major issue
As part of recycling activities to regenerate and utilize unnecessary materials, we are engaged in using materials regenerated from the disposal fishing net, which is one of the causes of marine garbage.

Past Activity

"Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022A/W" explains the process in which the discarded fishing net is up -cycled in the official venue, Omotesando Hills, using the actual exhibition and video of the recycled material that allows you to experience in your hand. By converting negative environmental issues in a positive direction by the expression unique to D-VEC, which is reborn as a sophisticated fashion that is no longer needed, you can get as many people as possible to solve this problem. We conducted a helping activity.

At the ISPO MUNICH 2022, the world's largest international sporting product show held in Munich, Germany, it has been reborn as a soft texture fashion item, including workwear for fishery professionals, using materials regenerated from the discarded network. Exhibits setup, dresses, raincoats, etc. In Europe, which advances in environmental issues, we also send Daiwa activities.


Since many younger generations said, "I do not know how to contribute to sustainable", D-VEC thinks to provide an opportunity to be involved at sustainable, and regenerates the unnecessary waste fishing network. So, students made the work.

"RAKUTEN FASHION WEEK TOKYO 2023 S/S" Official venue will hold a sustainable special event at Shibuya Hikarie.
Students at Tokyo University of the Arts, the only nationally art university in Japan, have added color to the venue exhibition decoration by reusing artworks that are used in Hokkaido and no longer needed. In addition, students at Japan's largest fashion education institution, Bunka Gakuen, created apparel items using materials regenerated from the dumped fishing network, and gave a recognition of the 24 gathered apparel items. As a result of the judging, we exhibited the Omotesando Daiwa Apparel Showroom, and commercialized the best works, and transmitted the thoughts of students.

D-VEC supports students, such as holding events so that younger generations can trigger sustainable.


Starting with a launch event held at Tokyo Harajuku in March 2017, D-VEC has been announcing its collections at various fashion shows.


2017.03 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2017.10 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2018.01 ITALY (Firenze) Pitti UOMO exhibition
2018.06 ITALY (Firenze) Pitti UOMO exhibition
2018.10 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2019.02 GERMANY (Munich) ISPO exhibition
2019.10 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2020.01 GERMANY (Munich) ISPO exhibition
2021.10 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2022.03 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2022.06 ITALY (Firenze) Pitti UOMO exhibition
2022.09 Tokyo Collection exhibition
2023.01 ITALY (Firenze) Pitti UOMO exhibition
2023.06 ITALY (Firenze) Pitti UOMO exhibition
2024.01 ITALY (Firenze) Pitti UOMO exhibition


The high technology of D-VEC is obtained from the technical capabilities of phishing "Daiwa".

Our Globeride,Inc. including D-VEC, is a comprehensive sports leisure manufacturer that develops golf, tennis, and cycle businesses, focusing on fishing "Daiwa".
With the vision of "A LifeTime Sports Company-A sports that enriches life."
We are also actively engaged in environmental conservation activities so that they can further contribute to the rich life of people through nature.