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User Guide

About membership information

I can't log in
The ID is an email address at the time of registration, and the password is a combination determined when registering as a member.
If you have an error in your email address or password, you will not be able to log in.
I forgot the password
If you forget your passwordHereThen, enter according to the instructions on the screen.
I can't receive an email
You can check the order status from the "Purchase History" of My Page.
There is a possibility that the email from us may not be reached, so please set up an email from@d- so that it can be received.
I want to change the member information
On My Page, clickChange of Member InformationPlease follow the procedure from "".

About your order

What kind of payment method is there?

You can use the cash exchange, credit card, Amazon Pay.

I want you to bundle the product you ordered twice

We do not respond to separate orders.

I want to change the order and quantity

In principle, changing the product after the order is confirmed is not accepted. Please note.

I want to cancel the product
We do not accept cancellations due to customer reasons. Please note.
If the defect or delivery product is different from the order, please contact us as we will accept returns.
Is it possible to support gift wrapping?
Only some products (folding umbrella, umbrella case) can be wrapped.
Gift wrapping is a paid service. (Tax included ¥ 110)
Even if you purchase more than one, it will be packaged one by one.

About the product

I want you to fix the purchased products

D-VEC accepts the purchased clothing.
For more information, please ask the store you purchased.
Please note that we cannot fix it depending on the contents of items and requests.

* If the product is poor, within 8 days after the product arrives.inquiry"please.

Is it different from the real color?
The product images on this site are photographed and posted so that they are as close as possible to the actual products, but the color may look different from the actual product depending on the settings and browsing environment of the customer. 。 Please note.
I want to know the stock status
The number of stocks is limited. Please note that out of stock.
* In rare cases, it may be out of stock depending on the timing of stock update, and items may not be possible. Please note.
I want to know the measurement position
Please see the following figure for the measuring position.
* Depending on the product, an error of 1-2cm may occur. Please note.
[T -shirt]
【one piece】

Regarding delivery

I want to check the shipping status
You can check from My Page. You can check the delivery status.Click here for My Page Rogin
At the time of shipment, we will deliver the "Notice of Completion of Product Shipping".
The slip number is listed, so please contact the delivery company for details.
Where is the delivery company?
We will deliver by Yamato Transport.
We accept delivery only in Japan.
I want to know the number of days to deliver
We will ship within 5 business days from your order. It may be delayed depending on the order status and delivery area.
* In the case of long vacations such as GW, Bon Festival, and New Year holidays, it may take time to deliver.
* Due to the weather and traffic conditions, we may not be able to deliver it at the desired date and time. Please note.
* We will contact you separately in the event of a shortage or if the delivery is significantly delayed.
* The date and time cannot be changed after the purchase is completed.
How much shipping costs
700 yen (tax included) shipping fee will be charged for each order. If the purchase price is 15,000 yen or more (tax included), the shipping fee will be free.

About payment method

I want to know more about cash on delivery
The cash on delivery amount for one payment is up to 300,000 yen.
If you select "COD" in the payment method, a cash on delivery fee will be charged.
Cabinet -made fee:
If the purchase price is ¥ 9,999, 330 yen (tax included)
If the purchase price is ¥ 29,999, 440 yen (tax included)
If the purchase price is ¥ 99,999, 660 yen (tax included)
If the purchase price is $ 300,000, 1,100 yen (tax included)
I want to know a available credit card
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover
The price will be withdrawn from the contract account with each card company.
The use of the card will be limited to the holder.
If you can't use the card or the date of dropping, please contact your card company yourself.
I want you to tell me about Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay is a service that allows customers to shop using membership information registered on Amazon.
You can easily shop by saving customer information, credit information, etc.
* It is necessary to link data with Amazon when using Amazon Pay for the first time.
Can the receipt be issued?
For all orders, we have enclosed the delivery book and receipt. In principle, handwritten receipts are refused.

About coupon

I want you to tell me about coupons
If you have a coupon code, you can use the coupon code at the time of purchase.
Various conditions such as the discount amount and the period of use vary depending on the issued coupon, so please check the notes at the time of coupon guidance.
* Depending on the coupon, you may not be able to use it other than the product price. At that time, the shipping fee and cash on delivery fee will be charged separately.
* Multiple coupons cannot be used at the same time.
* Coupons cannot be used after payment.
* The coupon code is limited to the use of the person.


I want to know the recommended environment of the website
This site supports Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
* In case of use other than recommended environments, depending on the customer settings in the recommended environment, it may not be available or not displayed correctly.
What is going on with security?
This site uses a cryptographic communication technology called SSL when transmitting and receiving personal information and credit card information, so you can use it with confidence.
In the address that starts with HTTPS, all information is sent and received after encrypted in SSL.
I want to withdraw
If you would like to unsubscribe, fill in the required items and contact the customer support.inquiryplease.
≪ Necessary information≫
Name registered
The email address registered
The telephone number registered
* If you unsubscribe, all order history and membership benefits will be eliminated. Please note that the account cannot be restored.
* If you are not currently receiving your ordered product, please contact us after receiving the product.