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About functional materials used by D-VEC


Gore-Tex, which is difficult to handle with apparel brands, is the strength of D-VEC, which has a License DAIWA. In addition, by adopting the GORE-TEX of the knit outer material, we propose to expand the range of customer items.

[Windstopper® PRODUCTS by GORE-TEX LABS]

Gore -Tex, a high -performance material with the world's highest level of waterproof and breathable, was born in 1976.
New material born in the fall of 2018, "Gore -Tex Infinium", which boasts strong reliability with excellent windproof, heat retention, and moisture permeability, in the fall of 2023.® The name has been changed to "Product by Gore Tex Lab" Windstoppr® PRODUCTS by Gore-Tex Labs has high windproof, reliable moisture permeability, water resistance, and provides comfort and protection for active lifestyles. It is a material that is good at comfort due to excellent moisture control.
* The seam of the seam part that increases waterproofness is not applied.

"Windproof >>

The cold wind quickly lowers body temperature and causes discomfort. Goa's windproof technology protects your body from any wind.

<< Suitable >>

The billions of holes open in the Membrane are missing sweat steam, which continues to be comfortable even on busy days.

" water resistance "

Don't worry about it even in light rain or snow. Water -resistant gore® A jacket using a membrane protects the body comfortably.
Durable water repellent (DWR) processing is applied to increase the water repellency (excluding some products).

See: Gore-Tex Infinium ™ Product Series | Gore-Tex Brand


A groundbreaking ultra -fine microfiber material that was developed under the request of the US military in 1983.
Primaloft is a feather, warm, warm heat retention and flexibility, functionality (insulation / cold -proof technology) with water repellency that is not found in feathers, and a highly practicality that can be used in any environment. Artificial feathers.


The series that uses the regeneration polyester as the raw material is "Black Inselation Eco"
As a feature, sustainable material that uses 100 % recycled polyester, which has excellent heat retention, but is not as volume of down and compact compact.
"Water repellency" not found in down. Machine wash is possible at home.

[Primaloft® Black Insulation Thermo Plume® ]

As a feature, it is a flake, high -loft, and excellent heat retention.
A sustainable material that satisfies feathers as animal -free voices increase.
Even if it gets wet, it is possible to wash home, and there is even more advantage.


A recycled nylon compound developed by Refin Baths, mainly used for used fishing nets.
For glow bride, which is a living business, protecting the marine environment is no longer a mission.

REAMIDE®By adopting the dough developed using the yarn, we are working on up -cycle of the disposal network, which helps the marine pollution problem.
In addition to the fabric used for blouses and the like, the material is also developed.
By the 24SS season, the D-VEC is the original material, Hiro weaving with a water-repellent silk, and a dobby that has been mixed with recycled nylon.

See: Reamide®Product Info

Ecoarch® kapok

Capock is a kind of deciduous trees grown in Southeast Asia. The fibers obtained from the fruit are highly functional, have excellent heat retention, insect repellent and water repellency.
In addition, it is a sustainable material that is friendly to the natural environment that does not require a large amount of water or chemical fertilizer in the cultivation process, such as cotton, and picks the fruit without cutting a tree.
As animal -free voices increase, it is attracting attention as a natural sustainable material that replaces feathers, like the synthetic primaloft.

" Features "

In addition to the lightness of feathers (about 1/8 cotton) and the heat retention effect, it has excellent heat insulation, water repellency, and antibacterial.

See: Ecoarch®Kapok product information

Durable Water Repellency Fabrics

An original material that D-VEC has its own super water-repellent processing.
It is a water -repellent C6 type that does not contain an organic fluorine compound (PFOA), holds outstanding water repellency, and maintains water repellency even after repeated washing at home.
It demonstrates high potential in the most important "water repellent" among the basic functions of D-VEC.


CORDURA® is a registered trademark of Invista, which is a highly durable fiber for tearing, bursting, and frictional strength.

[15D Cordula® Stretch Ripstop]

CORDURA with excellent wear resistance®In the case of an ultra -thin 15 denier, it is a lightweight and strongest ultra -durable material with over 100,000 wear resistance. It has excellent water repellency, moisture permeability, and stretch, and is a versatile material used for packable products.