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Ultra Light Carbon Foldable Umbrella 50

Sale price¥12,650



It is a lightweight folding umbrella made by applying carbon technologies used in Daiwa's phishing rods.

It can be used as a parasol with a 90%ultraviolet shield rate, so you can use it regardless of the season.

Precautions for handling carbon technologies a blurella
This umbrella is made using the "fishing rod" manufacturing technology that uses the force (frictional force) that the knots and nodes are engaged with each other to prevent the middle rod from falling.

Since it is a structure that is not found in the conventional folding umbrella, please read the following precautions carefully.

・ There may be "knots loosen" during use.This phenomenon cannot be completely prevented due to the structure of the carbon shaft fixed with frictional force.
・ When stretching the umbrella, please use it after stretching each section properly. The clause may be loosened due to the fact that it is not stretched properly or due to the vibration you are using. In that case, please use it again before using it. * The trick is to stretch and fix it a little stronger at the end when the clause is extended.
* Please do not operate the umbrella when you use it while using it. I will fall. * When using it, check it occasionally and check the tightening condition to adjust.

Body weight: about 76g
・ Flying: Length about 50cm 6 specifications

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Ultra Light Carbon Foldable Umbrella 50
Ultra Light Carbon Foldable Umbrella 50 Sale price¥12,650